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Reasons Why Doing Free Computers Repairs Would Backfire

Are you an IT professional? Do your friends and neighbours ask for your help to fix their PCs? Then, many situations would arise where you would be in soup. It is a bad idea to help people with fixing PCs for free Bristol IT services . Helping someone is not a wrong idea. You could very well help your spouse or your parents in fixing a PC problem. But when it comes to others, handle the situation wisely. While some people would thank you for helping, many would abuse the situation. Here are some reasons why doing a free IT repair service would backfire

1. Finding Fault with your Services

People come to you for fixing their PC because they do not know anything about it. This also means that they do not know where the problem was and how you fixed it. As a result, when a problem arises in their computer in future that is totally unrelated to the earlier fix (done by you), they might imagine it to be your fault. This could be an embarrassing situation. Also, it is difficult to make them understand the underlying problem.

2. People might take your time for Granted

You are doing a favour to others by helping them fixing their computers. But not all people respect your deeds and time. People might call you at odd hours and ask you to fix their computers. It is just not possible at all times.

3. Sometimes somethings might go Wrong

There might be times when you might break some parts of their computer while trying to fix it. Though this might not happen with experienced hands, and the damage might be a trivial one, the blame would be on you.

4. Anything done for Free Loses value

There is always a mindset among people that free things do not carry much value. They think that the best things come with a price tag. Hence, you help will be perceived as carrying no weight. Say, for example, someone asks your opinion on a computer problem, and you try to explain a solution to them, they wouldn’t take it and ends up ignoring your advice.

5. Once Free, always Free

Say, you have done a very good job in fixing a person’s PC, it is a good thing. But remember that you have fallen into the victim trap. When the person needs help another time, they are sure to call you for help. Even for the most silly problems, they would expect you to assist them solve it.

6. People would start being more Careless Because they get Support for Free

Once people taste the goodness of getting PC repair services for free, they tend to become more careless about the way they handle their PC. This would become more of a habit because they know they can always ask for your help whenever something goes wrong. Avery good example is letting their kids play with the computer hardware or software and call you when something goes wrong.

7. “All-In-One”

Once you start helping people by fixing their Computers, people start thinking by default that you are good at fixing all types of electronics. Once you have done them a favour of fixing their PC problems, you would have noticed people asking for help to even fix their Clock.

8. Recommendation for Others

There are people who recommend you to their friends once you fix their problem. Recommendations are good if it is a paid service. But it doesn’t feel good when you have to extend your free service to other people. This is an absolute way of not respecting your time and effort.

9. Your Free Services Cost you

It might be a help and free service for others but it is certainly going to cost you more. You have to spend on fuel to get to their home. Sometimes, you also need to take supplies like blank CDs and printer ink. Even if you don’t, your friends would expect you to bring it.

What We Provide

  • The first and best reason to not service PCs for free is because it takes a lot of effort
  • Do you think you are valued for the effort that you put in fixing the PCs for others?
  • You end up working all day fixing the PC and will you get rewarded for the work?
  • This is an absolute way of not respecting your time and effort.